Project: Supporting Research for Pediatric Brain Cancers at Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital
Project Partners: Meagan's Walk
Status: Ongoing

Our Community's Challenge

RTW's annual major fundraising event, the Rotary Youth Impact Awards, recognizes people who have made outstanding contributions to the welfare of youth in our community.  Our 2019 Lifetime Award recipient was Denise Bebenek, founder of Meagan's Walk, a charity named in honour of Denise's deceased daughter.  Meagan's Walk hosts events throughout the year to raise awareness of pediatric brain cancers, and to fundraise in support of research on these diseases.

How We Took Action

The Rotary Club of Toronto West presented Meagan's Walk with a donation for $10,000 and is exploring how we may join forces with Meagan's Walk to further promote their cause.

Using The Campaign

Our events are promoted before and after through social media with images such as those featured below, and the success of the events are reported on our website.