Project: Supporting Ecological Preservation In Etobicoke for Earth Day
Project Partners: Rotary Etobicoke, Etobicoke Collegiate Institute Interact Club and Richview Collegiate Institute Interact Club
Status: Ongoing

Our Community's Challenge

The health and safety of our local green spaces are compromised by litter and other forms of pollution.  On Earth Day each year, RTW and its Interact Clubs spend time picking up and safely disposing litter. 

How We Took Action

The Rotary Club of Toronto West and our partners go to local parks to spend a morning in a public display of community care by picking up trash along walkways, streams, parking lots and forested areas within the park.   Our plan for 2019 is to expand this program to include 2 or more events.

Using The Campaign

Our events are promoted before and after through social media with images such as those featured below, and the success of the events are reported on our website.