"Teach a mother, change the world"

The Amarok Society educates about 3,000 students in Bangladesh by teaching mothers how to teach children. Amarok Society's programs target the poorest women in the slums of Bangladesh, women for whom a job paying $1 per day would be prized. Educating them to teach Bangladeshi, English and mathematics to children raises the literacy and numeracy levels of the entire community.  We recently received a letter from the mother we sponsor, Sathi, updating us on her progress.
March 2019
Khulna, Bangladesh.
Dear members of Rotary Club of Toronto West,
I am well with my family and our Mother School is running well. I am trying my best to learn more from my school that I can teach better to my children. I feel always happy to tell you about my days. Now I believe a woman can do many things if she wants to do. It is important to decide what you want to achieve and then work hard to achieve the goal. We learn in our school that we have to set small goals first then go for more. Education gives us knowledge and confidence. Our teacher always encourages us to believe on our ability and not to breakdown even in crisis position. She says, if you are afraid you will loss, if you become brave and patient you will win. I have lost important opportunity of learning in my life when I was in early age. My parents did not give me that but still I can learn and do something for my family and for our community children. Now my husband helps me in my household work and giving thanks for my teaching to children. But you know that when I was started my school that time he was not happy.
In our school our teacher sometimes organizes special learning session, workshop and refreshers training on social issues. Recently we have received refresher training in our school on “Child Care and Development” including nutritious food for children. At the end of the event the mothers have children from 6 months to 3 years of age get a nutrition pack. One of the mothers of our school demonstrated how to make nutria-pack with low cost and available food items. I participated in the course as a co-facilitator. In the food package there were rice, lentil, sugar, salt, milk, suji, oil and a learning display chat for each participant. We share our learning with other mothers who have little children but don’t attend in our Mother School. Before our education we ignored about nutrition and child friendly environment but now all Amarok mothers are careful about the importance of good food for children and to create a fearless environment at home for children
Now we are learning how to write short story from our head on our own and tell to our children. Most of the times I tell them stories, which I heard from my grandmother in my childhood. Sometimes I change the character of those stories, time and place and try to make it new. Children like stories. In our school we have many storybooks, pictures and cards. Sometimes I make puppets related to the story and use that puppet to tell the story. My children like it and enjoy a lot.
Thank you very much for your kind support to my education that helps me to change my life.
With my love,