RTW's Weekly Raffle
The Rotary Club of Toronto West is participating in an exciting new online raffle platform that is being shared with many other Rotary Clubs in Ontario.
The Catch the Ace Weekly Raffle is licensed in Ontario by the AGCO. A full 50% of the total money raised is shared with the winning participants. After modest administrative costs are deducted, the remaining balance is immediately available for the needs of Etobicoke and West Toronto charities and organizations supported by our club to supply desperately needed food, clothing, and shelter to people in our community.
Interested in helping? Here’s how you can participate!

Join in the fun with the Catch the Ace Weekly Raffle  

  • Click the button above that says GET RAFFLE ENTRIES.  The raffle sales page will open.
  • Click the orange Buy Now! button at the top of the raffle tickets page.  Scroll down to choose the "lucky card" you wish to use for the progressive jackpot.  
  • Purchase entries for the weekly draw. Sales close on Thursdays at midnight. You choose the value option that suits you best by clicking the plus (+)  sign for the number of entries you wish to purchase: $20 gives you 80 entries, $10 gives you 20 entries and $15 provides 3 entries. 
  • Click the blue BUY NOW button below the options to activate the payment screen. 
  • Make your payment.  You will be asked to provide your details for billing.  Please select Rotary Toronto West as the club you wish to support.  Your ticket purchase will be quickly confirmed by email.
  • A winner is selected every week on Friday and the winner’s card is revealed. If the weekly winner’s card is the Ace of Spades, they win the progressive jackpot. If the winner does not draw the Ace of Spades, the weekly prize starts again, and the progressive jackpot grows even larger.  Cards other than the Ace of Spades are discarded which improves the odds for subsequent draws.
  • All winners are notified about their wins by email.  The current winner and their winnings are featured after each draw. 


A full explanation of how the raffle is conducted and its rules can be accessed by clicking the Rules link at the bottom of the raffle tickets webpage.
We wish you the best of luck and thank you for your support. 
We all win when we help others!!