Courtney Doldron: Rotary Is Refocusing On Core Values: The Rotary International presidential theme for this year is "Rotary Opens Opportunities".  In recognizing that opportunities might not always be open to all, this theme has inspired a renewed emphasis on some core values: integrity, service, leadership, fellowship and diversity, with the intention of creating inclusion and equity in all that we do.
Given his background as an educator, it's not surprising Courtney Doldron has a passion for literacy projects.  As a Rotarian, he is also dedicated to educating other Rotarians about RI's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative as part of District 7070's mandate to support the creation of DEI committees in all clubs.
“As a global network that strives to build a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change, Rotary values diversity and celebrates the contributions of people of all backgrounds, regardless of their age, ethnicity, race, color, abilities, religion, socio-economic status, culture, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.
Rotary will cultivate a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture in which people from underrepresented groups have greater opportunities to participate as members and leaders.”  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement, passed by the Rotary International Board of Directors, January 2019


Revisiting Rotary's vision statement makes it clear why dedicating resources to diversity, equity and inclusion is important:


The concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion are clearly defined for Rotarians.

Diversity is about embracing differences so that you work well together.
Equality is about how resources are shared,
while equity is focused on
ensuring a fair outcome.
Inclusion occurs when differences are valued so that everyone is respected and supported.


Membership Committee Chairperson Willis Rudy told the club he has undertaken a demographic review of the club's catchment area and has found that, while there is still more to do, we are progressing well in achieving our district-set goals for diversity as 30% of people in the club are female and 15% are members of visible minority groups.