“We will not leave you. We will watch with you. We will be there.”  ~ Dr. Dorothy Ley

Dorothy Ley was an oncologist with a vision for the care of people with terminal conditions.  She wanted to create a comfortable, comforting space in which people could experience the end of life with dignity and compassion.  This led to her pioneering efforts in hospice care in Ontario, and the eventual construction of the hospice facility which bears her name and stands as a tribute to her legacy.  Julie Brown shared this inspiring story with us.
Raising funds for healthcare organizations dedicated to families and children has been Julie Brown's passion for over 20 years.  Prior work with the Canadian Red Cross and Pancreatic Cancer led to her work with Dorothy Ley Hospice, where her focus is on  Major Gifts, Stewardship and Planned Giving, completing a career cycle which began with her internship at the Hospice many years ago.
Julie shared an informative presentation with us (see below), emphasizing the importance of hospice care for the quality of life of people with terminal illnesses, and their families and caregivers.  Dorothy Ley Hospice is one of two hospices in the GTA, and they respond to needs for bereavement care for all of the GTA.  This challenging mandate is supported financially by government funds for two thirds of their needs, and private donations for the remaining third.