7070 District Governor Mark Chipman Celebrates RTW's "Superheroes"

The Rotary Clubs of Toronto West, Ajax and Uxbridge spent an enjoyable time together learning about the clubs' activities and contributions to their communities.  District Governor Mark Chipman joined in to share a motivational vision for the unusual times in which we find ourselves:
What if 2020 wasn't cancelled?
What if 2020 became Rotary's most important year yet?
What if 2020 becomes the year when Rotary evolves into an organization that is more accessible, recognized and community-involved than ever before?
What if the District's strategy and the Clubs' efforts prove to be exactly what is needed now?
The potential to do good in the world during a time of extreme challenge underscores the theme of District 7070's strategy.
Examples of this were highlighted in the form of projects completed by each club, and the recognition given to club members for their outstanding contributions.
Members celebrated the achievements of Stephen Thiele, Patti Wright and honorary member Saira Kirefu from RTW.
Congratulations to all!