Come As You Are, Start Where You Can Fitness

People tend to think of fitness as something that is out of reach because of age or illness.  Denis Doracin, using RTW member John Hastings (pictured above) as an example explained why that's not true.
Denis started CrossFit in March of 2010, as a way of training for the Ride to Conquer Cancer, at Full Metal CrossFit.  He was so hooked on his experience. he became a coach there and took over as owner in February 2017.
As a coach, Denis has worked with people at all levels of fitness and ability, from professional athletes to novices to older people preparing for orthopedic surgery or looking for exercise routines to help manage chronic health concerns.
The CrossFit lifestyle deals with diet and exercise.  Denis says "Get off the carbs and get off the couch."  It's an approach that is easy to understand, simple to implement and effective.
The beauty of CrossFit, Denis told us, is that it focuses on functional movements in scalable routines that make up workouts that are short at 5 - 15 minutes long.  The intensity is variable, which makes it possible to safely accommodate a broad range of fitness levels and disabilities.  The goal is to exercise smart, and being smart means being safe.  An onsite chiropractor helps to ensure any issues that crop up can be dealt with effectively and expediently.  Being among a community of health-minded people provides ongoing inspiration, motivation and enjoyment.
See how Denis gets John to work out as an illustration of the Full Metal CrossFit approach.