Getting to know Rotary International and Rotary Toronto West

This page and our orientation program were created to make it easier for you to learn about Rotary and get to know your fellow club members.

If your membership was sponsored by a specific member, feel free to approach them at any time with questions.  If you don't have a sponsor, you can ask any member for assistance.  You will also be assigned a mentor who can help to familiarize you with Rotary's mission and how RTW's activities reflect Rotary's values and goals.


First Steps

Get to know ClubRunner (CR).  This is a key tool for most Rotary clubs, including ours.  You will have a profile partly created for you so a good first step is to complete it, then spend some time exploring.  Click here to access ClubRunner using the login ID and password that were provided to you by a club administrator.  This will take you to your profile.


Next Steps

Think of understanding the world of Rotary as a process that will unfold over time.  Interacting with Rotary by talking with other members and attending events will facilitate the process.  Here are some ways you can build your familiarity with Rotary:

  • Have an introductory meeting with your sponsor and/or mentor.
  • Attend weekly club meetings and get to know other members.
  • Learn about how Rotary began.
  • Explore Rotary International's mission and values.
  • Discuss with your mentor how RTW acts on RI's mission and values.
  • Explore the benefits of being a Rotarian. Create an account at My Rotary.
  • Join a committee.
  • Volunteer at a service event.
  • Attend a fellowship event, such as a pub night.
  • Participate in a district event: course, seminar, conference. Learn more from Rotary District 7070.

Keep in mind that Rotary welcomes your skills, abilities and experiences.  Since mentorship is a two-way street, your mentor will want you to share your knowledge with them and the rest of the club.